ECOM Air EA Mask Anti-Virus Shield Badge (Blue) ES-020

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Product description

Ecom E.A. Air Mask
【 Highlights 】
✔ Made in Japan
✔ Solid chlorine dioxide destroys viruses and germs
✔ Small, unobtrusive design in a choice of pink or blue
✔ FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) approved
【 About Ecom E.A. Air Mask 】
Ecom E.A. Air Mask is a portable clip-on badge that contains a disinfecting and deodorizing chlorine dioxide generating agent. This gas forms a shield of potent disinfectant around the body that kills germs and viruses through oxidization. It can also provide relief for hayfever and allergies by oxidizing the proteins in pollen and other allergy triggers. This product is made in Japan and FDA approved for your safety.
【 How To Use 】
The Ecom E.A. Air Mask comes with a handy attached clip. Simply remove from packet and clip to your shirt pocket, collar, purse, or bag. Its small and simple design doesn't draw the eye, making it an unobtrusive addition to any outfit.
Product will last up to one month.
【 Everything Else 】
- Use only as instructed
- Individual results may vary
- Do not directly inhale the product
- Do not eat or allow contact with eyes. If eaten, drink a large quantity of water and induce vomiting and seek medical advice. If product gets into eyes, rinse well immediately with water and seek medical avice.
- This product does not work as well in well ventilated or outdoor areas. It will wokr best used indoors, in a vehicle, etc.
- If using in a closed environment, occasionally ventilate the room.
- Product will lose effectiveness if wet.
- Keep away from flame.
- Do not open the badge casing. Direct skin contact with the agent can cause rash.
- Do not use while sleeping.
- Discontinue if you experience any discomfort using this product.
【 Ingredients 】
Solid chlorine dioxide


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