SHISEIDO Snow Beauty Whitening Face Powder 2017 with Refill 25g

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Product description

The 2017 version of Shiseido's bestselling Snow Beauty powder

The release of the Shiseido Snow Beauty powder is hotly anticipated by beauty lovers in Japan every year. Featuring a festive new design concept every year, this luxury face powder is loved for its beautiful, translucent effect and its gorgeous design.

Limited stock. Please click here for the 2018 version.

What is Shiseido Snow Beauty skincare powder?

Shiseido Snow Beauty skincare powder is a versatile product that can be used from morning to night. Used on its own, it makes the skin appear brighter, gives definition to the face, and hides pores. Used over makeup, it additionally protects the finish of your look and prevents shine.

For those times when you don’t want to put on makeup, but also don’t want to go out bare-faced, this powder is the perfect solution. It  doesn’t need to be washed off, so you can use it as an instant brightening and skin smoothing fix whether you’re running out to the store, running at the gym, or running late for work!

At night, you can also use it over your skincare or bare skin at night to give a subtle, natural glow and boost the effects of your skincare.

How does it work?

7 colors of pearl and semi-translucent powder particles give the skin a translucent, bright look by diffusing the light that hits the skin for a soft-focus finish that conceals pores and unevenness.

When used over bare skin, this powder locks in your skincare, smooths away any stickiness from your moisturisers, and forms a protective veil over your skin.

To even and brighten the skin tone, this powder is formulated with m-tranexamic acid. This ingredients inhibits the production of melanin in the skin, preventing spots and freckles.

How to use Shiseido Snow Beauty Powder

This powder can be used night or day.

Morning: Apply using the Smooth Fit puff (blue ribbon) as a finishing touch over your base makeup for a glowing, translucent look.  Apply over primer for a natural “no makeup” style look.

Afternoon: Use the Smooth Fit puff Shiseido Snow Beauty to touch up your makeup during the day. This powder instantly fixes shine and makes the skin feel silky smooth.

Evening: At night, use the Soft Puff (gold ribbon) to boost the effects of your skincare by applying as the last step to your nightly routine. This powder seals in your moisturizing ingredients, smooths out any residual stickiness from your moisturisers, and contains ingredients to help fade excess melanin in your skin like spots or freckles. You can also apply Shiseido Snow Beauty powder to your neck body and fall asleep peacefully with its relaxing fragrance.

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