KRACIE Hadabisei All in One Mask 42 sheets

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Product description

It is a all in one mask that has 4 roles of lotion, milk, essence and mask.
It leads to moist and beautiful skin.
Triple collagen, hyaluronic acid GL, 30 kinds of beauty essence compounding.
BOX type. 42 sheets.

Isoflavone-containing soy seed extract, royal jelly extract, chamomile flower extract, Roman chamomile flower extract, cane calendula flower extract, cornflower flower extract, mallow flower extract, arnica flower extract, Tilia cordata flower extract, rose water, dog rose fruit extract, citron fruit extract , cucumber fruit extract, witch hazel leaf extract, grape leaf extract, horse chestnut leaf extract, peach leaf extract, aloe vera leaf extract, Palier Thalia extract, kiwi extract, tea leaf extract, angelica root extract, peony root extract, St. John's wort flower / leaf / stem extract, ivy extract, Sambucus nigra extract, brown algae extract, green algae extract, red algae extract, lemon fruit extract (moisturizing)


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