iSDG 232 Miki Beauty Enzyme Supplement 120 tablets

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Product description

For diet and beauty in one! 

You've worked hard to lose weight, but now you're noticing that your skin's moisture and elasticity are have gotten a little worse.

The iSDG 232 Miki (or Beautiful Queen) Beauty Enzyme Supplement will help you maintain your diet and beauty. After all, losing weight does not automatically equate to beauty. Your diet and your beauty should go hand-in-hand and complement each other.

Recommended for

- People who want to look radiant every day
- People who seek true beauty
- People who want an attractive body
- People who want to maintain their skin while they diet

How to take

Take 2-4 tablets per day. Includes 120 tablets for 30-60 days.


Complex plant fermentation powder [digestion-resistant dextrin, sugar (brown sugar, oligosaccharide), fruit (grape, peach, apple, mandarin orange, strawberry, persimmon, yuzu, kiwi, kumquat, lemon, blueberry, etc.), vegetables/wild plants (shiso, daikon, Asian ginseng, tomato, cucumber, cabbage, eggplant, Japanese mustard spinach, celery, spinach, bok choy, green pepper, etc.), vegetables (Asian plantain, bamboo grass, field horsetail, etc.), beans/seeds (soybean, almond, cashew, white sesame seed, adzuki bean, etc.), etc.


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232 Enzyme

I have received the product, but yet to try. Hopefully it can work for me. Thanks!