SVELTY Premium Yeast Enzyme Supplement 150 tablets

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Product description

Svelty Premium Yeast Enzyme: concentrated supplement to tighten your waistline

The Svelty Premium Yeast enzyme gives up premium-

This enzyme supplement contains a concentrated range of 200 types of vegetables and fruits / grains with fermented extract. Two types of yeast are compounded, and further supports the enzyme power.

How to use:

Take the Svelty Premium Yeast Enzyme with water or lukewarm water etc. as a rough standard with 5 tablets per day.

Ingredients in Svelty Premium Yeast Enzyme:

Plant fermented extract powder (dextrin, plant fermented extract), dry yeast, reduced maltose syrup, candle bush extract powder, wild grass fermented extract powder (dextrin, wild grass fermented extract), senna stalk extract powder (senna stem extract, dextrin), L - carnitine fumarate, yeast peptides, plant fermented foods, powdered fruit and vegetable extract powder, dried vegetable powder, cereal koji, cereal fermented extract powder, coenzyme Q10, powdery extract of salacia reticulata extract, fulvic acid extract powder, cellulose, Ca stearate Silicon oxide, (Some of the raw materials include wheat, oranges, kiwi fruits, bananas, apples, soybeans, yam, sesame, cashew nuts)

Nutrition components:

Energy 6.24 kcal, protein 0.17 g, lipid 0.07 g, carbohydrate 1.25 g, sodium 1.49 mg Nutrition component indication
Per 5 grains (1.6 g)

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