Panasonic Steamer Nano Care Hot and Cool Esthe EH-SA98-P

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You can choose courses depending on which type of skin you desire for!

1. Clear skin course: For vivid, glowing skin (about 13.5 minutes)

2. Firmness, suppleness course: For improving skin firmness and increasing the amount of skin layer moisture (about 12 minutes)

3. Sebum care course: For less pores, better makeup finish (about 13 minutes)

4. Barrier skin course: For moisturized, soft skin, leaving makeup sit well to skin (about 11 minutes)

5. Quick heat and cool course: Before putting on makeup, giving heat and cool to skin even in short period (about 7 minutes)

Besides, it has heat course such as...

6. Heat steam course: Can be filled with lots of steam (about 12 minutes)

7. Cleansing course: For deep cleansing (about 3 minutes)

• Dynamic temperature gap leads to plump, fine-textured skin!

• Comes with 2 pieces of aroma tablets. Enjoy the time being relaxed with aroma.

   Just one-touch to attach the tablet.

Product Size: H 20.9×W 17.1×D 21.6cm

Power Code length: 1.5m (removable)

Accessories: Aroma tablet (for trial) 2 pieces, waterproof sheet, cleaning needle

Steam temperature: about 40℃

Water supply tank capacity: about 200 mL

Steam,Mist occurrence time: about 3 minutes to 13.5 minutes (depending on each course)

Weight: 2.0 kg

Power : AC100V 50-60Hz , 580W 
*Please note that a suitable power transformer is required depending on the countries when it is used outside of Japan.


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