LULULUN Precious Green Sheet Mask 32 sheets (Skin Maintenance Type)

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Product details

Lululun Precious: Because our skin ages 365 days of the year

The LuLuLun Precious series is designed to address the skin concerns that come with aging. 

LuLuLun has spared no effort in creating a mask design that perfectly covers the eye and mouth areas-- the places that tend to show the signs of aging most clearly. Plus, LuLuLun Precious masks fit so closely to the skin you’ll feel as though they were custom made for you!

Use the LuLuLun Precious series daily to see the results for yourself.

Why not start a daily face mask habit today?

LuLuLun Precious Key Features

Feature 1: Three layered mask to deeply hydrate the skin
LuLuLun Premium's luxuriously thick sheet masks are constructed from three layers for a rich and comfortable feel. First, a highly absorbent layer holds a generous amount of moisturiser. This absorbent layer is sandwiched between two sheets that support the permeation of the moisture out through the sheet and into the skin.

Feature 2: Carefully selected ingredients that address adult skin concerns
LuLuLun have worked hard to select the best possible combination of ingredients that target mature skin types. This carefully created moisturising lotion is evenly distributed through the masks using LuLuLun’s unique manufacturing methods.

LuLuLun Precious is made in Japan, allergy and patch tested. These masks are alcohol free, with no added fragrances, colorings, or mineral oil.

Feature 3: Make the most of your time
With a perfect fit like this, 10 minutes is all it takes for the carefully selected ingredients to deeply hydrate and care for the skin. LuLuLun have spared no effort in their research to ensure their masks achieve the closest possible fit to the skin, giving amazing results in only 10 minutes a day.

LuLuLun Precious Green: Skin Maintenance 

Moisture balance: LuLuLun Precious Green features L22, a combination of ingredients that replicate the moisture balance found in healthy, 22 year old skin. For skin that absorbs moisture readily. 

Barrier repair: Don’t let your skin take damage! Botanical extracts, plankton extracts, and collagen help repair the skin’s barrier function, giving you beautiful, resilient skin that stands up to environmental damage.

A healthy radiance: Extracts from plankton found living in the harsh environment of the Sahel area in North Africa harnesses their strong life force to draw out the skin’s health, vibrancy, and beauty. Glucooligosaccharide, made from fermented natural sugar, and fermented coix extract bring out the skin’s ideal condition and beauty.

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