ASAHI Slim Up Slim Reset Body Soymilk and vegetables hard crackers 22 g 4 bags

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Hard-cracker to keep down your craving, with soy-milk and vegetable juice, only 5 kcal per piece

Oftentimes, we can't feel patient when we are dieting. This hard-cracker is hard to eat and salty. Eating it takes time and the flavor is satisfying, so you can keep your craving down and be satisfied. Using healthy ingredients and only 5 kcal per pieces.


(98% from Ako), powdered soy milk, yeast, salt (98% from Ako), powder mixed vegetable juice, wheat flour, reduced maltose, shortening, polydextrose, wheat protein, erythritol, dried potato, vegetable · fruit mix juice, Oranges, pork, apples (some of the raw materials include orange, pork and apple), milk processed products, chicken extract powder, powdered soy sauce, yeast extract, spices, processed starch, cellulose, leavening agent, fragrance, seasoning including)


Energy 80 kcal
Protein 2.9 g
Fat 1.8 g
Carbohydrate 15.6 ~ 18.7 g
Carbohydrate 12 g
Dietary fiber 3.6 - 6.7 g
Salt equivalent amount 0.18 ~ 0.43 g
[Production formulation (per bag)] Collagen: 100 mg