SHISEIDO Benefique White Bloom Supplement 240 tablets

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Product description

Supporting beauty from within, making your skin bright and transparent

With cucumber extract, grape seed polyphenol (proanthocyanidin), cherry blossom extract, broccoli sprout extract, vitamin C, and other carefully selected ingredients. 9.4 kcal per 8 tablets per day!


8 tablets / day with water

Nutrition components:

[Per 8 particles (2.544 g)] Energy: 9.4 kcal / protein: 0.11 g / Lipid: 0.04 g / Carbohydrate: 2.13 g / Sodium: 11.6 mg (equivalent amount of salt: 0.03 g)

Main components:

[Per 8 capsules (2.544 g)] Fruit extract of Kyoko (wolfberry): 1,500 mg [equivalent to 2,550 mg as dried fruit] / proanthocyanidin: 160 mg / Vitamin C: 500 mg

Raw materials:

Wolfberry extract, grape seed extract, Siberian ginseng extract, broccoli sprout extract, cherry flower extract, modified starch, vitamin C, HPMC, HPC, cellulose, calcium stearate, coloring agent (titanium oxide), fine silicon dioxide, sucrose fatty acid Ester, Carnaubarou


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