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Nissin Cup Noodle Big

Nissin Cup Noodle Big

It's very famous instant noodle. Among instant noodles, this noodle is the most standard one that is sold by a company named NISSHIN. You might have heard since this company sells the instant noodles not only in Japan but also in foreign countries.

This time I introduce the standard once, but they sell various tastes such as curry and seafood. They also sells unique tastes such as tom yam kung, tomato taste.

It's popular among office worker and singles in Japan since it's cheap and can be made easily. You would have watch some scenes on TV drama that a worker eat the noodle alone late in the night in the company.

Why not try and taste such Japanese noodle?

Review by Mizuguchi
CANMAKE TOKYO Marshmallow Finish Powder 10g 3colors

CANMAKE TOKYO Marshmallow Finish Powder 10g 3colors

The CANMAKE Marshmallow Finish Powder is very highly rated by social media and reviews. While it has always been a popular item, I bought the cute colour "Pink Ocher" which was newly released this year on 1st October!

As the name suggests, the puff that comes with it feels just like a piece of marshmallow on my face, and my skin feels really smooth after use!!

Unlike typical powder foundations, it is not so powdery. I like how light it feels on the face too. I use it after applying liquid foundation as a finish, or to touch-up my makeup.

Even though CANMAKE Marshmallow Finish Powder fits my dry skin well, this is also recommended for anyone with oily skin! Since the fine particles are finer than that of powder foundation, they apply onto the face well, and are able to cover pores and gleams ♪

Review by Fujikawa
KANEBO Suisai Beauty Clear Powder A 0.4g X 32 Pieces Disney Tsum Tsum Edition

KANEBO Suisai Beauty Clear Powder A 0.4g X 32 Pieces Disney Tsum Tsum Edition

Just when I thought my facial washing powder was the best, in comes KANEBO SUISAI Enzyme Facial Washing Powder to blow it out of the water!

Similar to my current FANCL Facial Washing Powder, the SUISAI enzyme facial washing powder foams really easily. And yet, I was left feeling completely clean, sebum and all! When acne starts to appear, I turn to this as my first step to acne care, and it is effective in preventing worse acne concerns. My acne usually disappears the next day!

I use it once, or twice a week along with my other skincare products, and I find that one pack can last quite long, making it a worthy buy in my books.

Review by Roger
Labo Labo Super Pore Lotion

Labo Labo Super Pore Lotion

Labolabo super pore lotion, which I’d like to share with you this time.

This product is the one of the pore care series from Dr.Ci:Labo which is known as an expert in dermatology in Japan.

The effect is excellent although the price isn’t that much. It removes old dead skins, tighten the pores and even provide the moisture into your skin. It’d be great for sensitive skin as well since it’s alcohol free.

Well-selling not only in Japan but also in Taiwan! Recommended this!

Review by Ho
MITSUBISHI RAYON Cleansui Water Purifier Pot CP012-WT

MITSUBISHI RAYON Cleansui Water Purifier Pot CP012-WT

I used to buy and drink mineral water. But, the price of water which I’ve bought suddenly increased in this summer. Then I thought it would be more expensive to keep buying it as it used to be. At that time we featured water filer and I read the description of some products. When you don’t know about the products, you won’t get interested in it. But everyone would want to try them once if they get to know the content of them, wouldn’t they?

I ordered immediately.

I chose this simply-designed product because it won’t take up much space.

I tried it as soon as it’s delivered. The appearance is cool and clean, and it makes water look delicious. It might bother you to wash the filter 2-3times before use. But it was fun as if I played with water like a child. Although it took a little bit time to get the water through the filter, but I felt the taste is good and cheap because the filter could be used for 3 months.

It’s been 3months since I started to use it and the taste is still good, so I’d keep using it. My daughter, who usually complains a lot, also seems to take a fancy to it.

One tip! It’d be great to use the filtered water to cook rice!

Review by Chun
G-SHOCK DW-5600CU-9JF Yellow

G-SHOCK DW-5600CU-9JF Yellow

This G-SHOCK is well-designed.

It has a simple, matte-finished design that make us feel also a sense of chic and cleanness. It doesn’t look lumpy and casual as normal G-SHOCK, so it’d help your fashion look better regardless of the situation.

As same as the other G-SHOCK products, it has excellent durability so that it won’t be broken easily in daily-use.

Having 20 ATM water resistance, this is perfect fit for the beach or when it’s raining outside. When it gets dirty? Don’t worry, it’s washable!

iconReview by Omori
FANCL Active Conditioning Emulsion I EX

FANCL Active Conditioning Emulsion I EX

I'd be lying to myself if I say I'm not worried about aging effects on my skin. So I've made a point to apply sunscreen, moisturise lots, and use FANCL Active Conditioning Emulsion!

FANCL Active Conditioning is an effective anti-aging product that aims to make the skin "maintain itself". The formulation contains active ceramide to encourage cell regeneration and bio-glycorin to fight free radicals. Needless to say, my skin feels more at ease when moisture is kept locked in by the emulsion. My skin in the next morning after feels youthful!

Above all that, FANCL's products are preservative-free, the reason why FANCL is one of my favourite brands! Lotion versions are available for an alternative to emulsion versions. I may be biased as a FANCL fan, but if you'd like to start somewhere for anti-aging care, you can't go wrong with FANCL Active Conditioning!

Review by Roger
Sankyo Transino Medicated Clear Wash

Sankyo Transino Medicated Clear Wash

This time, I want to recommend Transino facewash, whose main functions are cleansing, moisturizing, and whitening. I think facewash is very important and is a fundamental part of skin beauty because if the skin is not cleaned properly, the effect of skin care applied after can diminish.

Transino's products have simple and elegant packaging, and for a product with good quality and result, its reasonable price is suitable for long-term use.

Also, it uses no additive, has low irritation, and can be used with no worry because it's skin friendly.

I think this facewash is satisfyingly good because it bubbles quickly, doesn't make our skin dry, and is highly moisturizing!

Review by Ho

LUMICE Whitening Oil Serum

When I was in Indonesia, I let my skin under sunlight exposure for around one month during field research without any sun protection! And took its toll :(((( Not only that my skin takes a long time to heal, I didn’t know what product I should use. I tried some that claims they work to brighten the skin, but I didn’t see any effect whatsoever (I feel so deceived!).

I tried vitamin C supplement in Japan. I really like it! It makes my skin healthier and smoother and it also helps my skin recover from sunburn. The problem is, even though my skin condition got improved, I was still not satisfied with my face skin condition. I guess to recover it from that level of damage takes extra care and time.

Then I learned that vitamin C skin care product to apply directly on skin is also good, so I tried some and among all, my favorite is “Lumice Whitening Oil Serum”. Even though it is not a high-end product (like, there is even a product that is 7 times more expensive! Not very student-friendly price) and is relatively cheaper than other vitamin C serums, it works really well on my skin and I could feel the effect quickly. Even though it is an oil type, it is not sticky and is very moistening + moisturizing.

I really recommend it for people whose skin is prone to drying and to use during night care!

Review by Ulan
ASAHI Perfect Asta Placenta Hyaluronic Acid Jelly

ASAHI Perfect Asta Placenta Hyaluronic Acid Jelly

As my age began to tell, recently I've been buying stuff that can help me to look even slightly younger. Since everyone told me that collagen is good for such problem, I began to consume it ever since. It was effective, but since the product I used then was expensive, after 1 month passed I was in doubt whether to continue using it or not. At that time, I found this collagen product.

To start with, I got interested of its peach flavor. Since I love peach, I thought trying it once won't hurt. The next reason was because it contains hyaluronic acid. And then, the price is 1/5 of the product I previously used, so it gives me less burden.

Only one stick for a day, and it tastes delicious. This product is really beyond my expectation. Now I’ve been using it for 15 days and I could feel the effect since the beginning. My skin condition has been better ever since and my sleep has also been improved. Collagen is said to be more effective to consume before sleep, so I take this product from my refrigerator every night at 10 and eat it. Since it is jelly type, it tastes better cold. This product comes second to none, even to that 5-times-more-expensive product I used before. I know that tablet-type collagen product is also easy to drink, but I don’t like it because it feels like drinking medicine. This jelly type feels more like snack, and I have no worry about spilling it.

I have already placed my next order. I also ordered other product from the same line, but this one contains placenta.

Young people whose skin is still plump might not feel that much effect using collagen product, but here is a piece of advice from this auntie who already began to feel the effect of aging: If you prepared your skin with care since you were young, you would know the difference when you got older. Of course it is also not late for middle-aged group who begins to feel the effect of aging like me to care for their skin with collagen, starting from light product like this one.

This product is really good!

Review by Chun
HARIO Chacha Teapot Round Type CHJMN-45T

HARIO Chacha Teapot Round Type CHJMN-45T 450ml

Before buying this item, my tea time had never been this complete.

First and foremost, it's stylish. Unlike standard teapots that are almost never stylish, this teapot somehow makes anything you pour into it looks delicious. Not only does it work for green tea, but also for black tea. The next thing is, it's easy to wash. Since the part to pour the water isn't tubular, it is easy to be kept clean at all time. Also, it's light, easy to handle, and of course, heat-resistant.

The only flaw it has is it's quite easy to crack. Probably because it is thin and light... However easy to crack it can be, it won't crack if you don't drop it. So, if you use it normally, there is actually no problem with it.

Until now i have dropped and cracked two and am currently using the third one.

For the time being i haven't found better and cooler teapot than this, so it seems next time buying one, this item will still be my choice. You guys should also try it. Since it's cheap.

Review by Omori

Yoku Moku Cigare Au Chocolat

You've probably heard of it, but YOKUMOKU sells irresistibly scrumptious cookies.

They are not only available in Japan but also in other countries. There are even people from Middle East, Arabian countries who are buying 100 boxes in total at a time.

Cigare means cigarette, as you can see the the cookie dough is rolled up and baked to look like one. It is hollow in the middle and has very light texture. You'll keep getting more and more. It is impossible to only eat one at a time.

It's also a good coffee and tea companion。I really recommend it either you are a tea person or coffee person. Your tea/coffee time will be more cheerful with this cookie.

It has varieties of flavor like plain, chocolate, and green tea. Matcha flavor is only available in Kyoto, though. The mix of matcha bitter flavor and the sweetness of the cookie created unprecedented taste.

Do try it. Highly recommended.

Review by Mizuguchi

Sankyo Transino White C 90 Tablets

Usually, Japanese women don't like sunburn and they put huge effort to make their skin white and bright (of course not all women). They use sunscreen and hide their skin with clothing, they use sun umbrella, and if possible, always walk in the shade.They also use whitening cosmetics and drink whitening supplements, not only to prevent skin from darkening, but also from spots and freckles.

I am also that type of woman who always gets concerned with sunburn. Even so, i still got sunburn and spots on my skin.

Wanting to take care of it from the inside, i tried using Transino White, which was a popular commercial ad on TV. It was only 90 tablets for 15 days, yet as i continued using it, my skin coarseness got reduced and i could feel the skin tone got brighter. However, i didn't see any result for the spots.

I think for spots you need to continue using it for longer period. For those who want to try, I recommend the 90 tablets package, and if you are satisfied with the result, you can buy the 180 tablets one and keep using it.

You can also combine the usage with Transino skin care, and together, they might have greater result.

It's a must-try item!

Review by Mizuguchi
LYON PLANNING NYF-800 Facial Cleaning Brush

LYON PLANNING NYF-800 Facial Cleaning Brush

I have to thank Fujikawa-san for this, because when she knows, she really knows. And when she introduced me to the Lyon brand Cleansing Brush, I knew I had to listen.

Many of you would be familiar with foaming for cleansing, since using foam is more effective and gentle on the skin. To introduce a step up for cleansing above that, I would suggest introducing this into your cleansing routine for twice a week use.

The hairs of the brush are very fine and firm, but feels awfully comfortable on the face! The hair is fine enough to reach deep into the pores to clear the dirt, but gentle enough not to damage the skin. I praise the ease of usage, and you can use your current cleansing products with the brush. Recommended for facial cleansing needs, but I'd recommend it just because it feels so good to use!

Review by Roger
Omugi Wakaba Barley Young Leaves

Yamamoto Kanpo Pharmaceutical Barley Grass Powder 100%

I bought my first green juice about three weeks ago. One reason I got it was for diet purposes, and I have been drinking green juice in place of dinner for 4-5 days a week. I had concerns about the taste unique to green juice, but once I started mixing it with milk, it tasted gentle and creamy like matcha latte!! I've been drinking without any concerns, and instead enjoying it every night. As a matter of fact, I have lost 3kg within these few weeks. :p

The second reason was for anti-aging. While anti-aging cosmetics are expensive to get, green juice was the ideal alternative, good for the wallet and good for anti-aging care from within the body, especially for a start in anti-aging goals.

I think we'd be able to see the difference in the future if we start taking care of our health and engaging in anti-aging activities during our 20s or 30s^^ Do give this a try !

Review by Fujikawa
Naturie Job's Tears Skin Conditioning Gel

Naturie Job's Tears Skin Conditioning Gel

This is one of the must-have items for me and my skin! The Naturie Skin Conditioning Gel has wonderful cost-performance, and really saved my skin from the dry winter season.

It comes in a rather big bottle at a very reasonable price, so there is no worry about holding back with the amount I use. (I wish sunscreens were the same!) At first, it seemed that my skin wasn't absorbing the gel, but it only took a few seconds for it to do so, leaving a smooth finish without any sticky feeling. It is now a staple in my skincare routine. Highly recommended. High enough for me to say "Get one NOW!"

Review by Roger
MINON Amino Moist Clear Wash Powder

MINON Amino Moist Clear Wash Powder 35g

For this STAFF PICK, I want to recommend the often talked about Minon Clear Wash Powder

Minon's products are in high quality especially this Clear Wash Powder, which was ranked first on Cosme. Also, this product is suitable for sensitive skin type.

This product removes unnecessary stratum corneum, and is effective to remove even dirts that clog the pores. After facewash there would be less blackheads and it is also very moisturizing.

It is not only famous in Japan, but also abroad. This product is a gospel for sensitive skin that is often recommended by beauty gurus from famous Taiwan TV show "女人我最大(QUEEN)"

Review by Ho


I have been using CHOCOLA BB LUCENT C for about one month, and trust me, it works!

The reason I started using it was because even though months had passed, spots and sunburn I got because of my activities in Indonesia didn’t heal at all. I started to get concerned and tried to find supplement to help my skin regenerates. Stumbling upon CHOCOLA BB LUCENT C is such a serendipitous thing (I found out about it when I was translating the product explanation at WONECT ^o^)! I chose this product among others because I learned about the ingredients and the fact that the brand has been established for a long time. My other reason, and perhaps the most important, was because I sometimes use other products from CHOCOLA BB such as CHOCOLA BB Hyper, and I’ve always been happy with the result.

After using it for about two weeks I realized that the spots started to fade, the sunburn started to heal, and my skin got healthier. I never trusted any skin product since I didn’t know anything about the ingredients and how to choose what’s good for me. Now I am quite proud of myself because I can pick products wisely and CHOCOLA BB is one of the brand that I can trust.

Review by Ulan
New Biofermin S Tablet

New Biofermin S Tablet

Aging brings about a number of problems. The body gets weaker, decrease in mental stability etc Things can take a turn for the worse suddenly in any aspect. I'm past 40 years old, a period where such the chances of such occurrences are considerably higher.

One of the most common matter is in daily life is constipation. I never had a problem with this till now, and suddenly it's a problem. Not even medicine seemed to be useful. That is when I got to know about Biofermin. However, it didn't seem to work for me at first.

But as I started to learn more about the product, I noticed this text! "Note: The lactic-acid bacilli from this product will be delivered smoothly to the intestines when taken after meals"

Till then I've been taking it at my own timing, so I corrected myself. Just as the instructions says, it works when taken right after eating. Hallelujah! A reminder that it's really important to read the instructions! While I forget to take it from time to time, I feel better as when compared to before! Thank you, Biofermin!

Review by Chun
LOTTE Fit's Gum

LOTTE Fit's Gum -Lime Slime- 10pcs Set

This time, I want to recommendLOTTE FIT’s (S)LIME Flavor. Thisproduct is made in collaboration with Dragon Quest (Dragon Warrior) and thequality is amazing!

First of all, the package. If youdon’t know that it is one of FIT’s product, the design will make youthink it’s a Dragon Quest merchandise.When you take a look at the back, you will find the nostalgic video game screen.Can’t help buying it!

When you open the inside, you canfind the slime! What a detail work! And just like seen on picture, you can justtake a bite without having to open the wrapping.

And after eating the gum, you canmake the slime out of the wrapping! This product knows so well the feeling ofDragon Quest and Dragon Quest’s Slimefans!

LOTTE Fit's Gum slime

The main flavor is fruity,accompanied by a hint of sweetness. I definitely won’t stop taking another bite!

Review by Omori

“NISSIN FAMOUS RESTAURANT’S RECIPE” series: New Ippudo Akamaru Miso Hakata Tonkotsu Ramen

Have you heard about Ippudo? It is a chain ramen shop originating in Fukuoka. It is very popular in Japan and has even spread its wings abroad such as in Singapore, Hongkong, Malaysia, and USA. Such popular ramen comes in cup ramen and is sold by SEVEN ELEVEN. The manufacturer is the well known CUP NOODLE brand from NISSIN.

Since it's only an instant cup ramen, i thought it would taste differently, but i was wrong. Mostly, it tasted just as delicious as the restaurant's ramen. The soup is the thick pork broth, the noodles used are thin noodles. It's also completed with garlic oil which makes the aroma even more tempting. It is easy to make: just add the soup and powder, pour hot water, and wait for 3 minutes. It's such a miracle that only with that we can savor the taste of the restaurant's original ramen. The only downside is you cannot get another bowl since it's not actually in the restaurant.

Of course ramen tastes best eaten at the restaurant, but when you cannot go, or when you are famished in the middle of the night, you can get the delicious Ippudo taste immediately with this cup ramen. Regardless whether you have tried the original Ippudo ramen or not, why not try having some stocks of this instant gourmet?

Review by Mizuguchi

FANCL Multivitamins And Minerals

“What am i?”, a question floated into my mind. At the same time, I’ve just began working at WONECT, and this contributed a lot to the answer I came up with. At WONECT, I learn a lot about ingredients and their functions. This makes me easier to choose a product and be satisfied with the result.

I started using and am satisfied with FANCL Health Science: Multivitamin and Mineral, which has 11 vitamins and 10 minerals. After some days, I was actually surprised my skin felt healthier and smoother. It must be the work of its Vitamin C and Vitamin E. Also, thanks to its Vitamin B1 and B2 which converts food into energy, I’ve been feeling more energetic these days.

Drinking the supplement is so happy-inducing. If I wasn’t healthy, I would be grumpier about stuffs. It only takes 2 tiny tablets to help me become whole, physically sound, and mentally healthy.

I’d always thought that we are made of memories, but now I have one more answer I am satisfied with: We are what we are constituted with, including the substances in our body. The next time you are being too negative about something, it might be useful to remember what I am sharing here and think about your nutrition sufficiency.

Review by Ulan


I'm using computer all day at work and that makes my shoulder and arm become stiff easily. One day I went to Phiten's store and the staff told me to try their METAX CREAM. I gave it a shot and the moment I applied it, I was surprised my shoulder felt lighter immediately.

I bought it and started using it in regular basis not only on my shoulder and arm but any part of my body that feels stiff. I can apply it on the part that feels stiff and give myself some good massage or when I don't really have time I can just apply it and it still works very well. My muscle gets relaxed and I always feel that liberating feeling similar to when I stretch my body.

I went to climb the mountain with my parents one day, and my dad injured his leg when we were going downhill. His muscle got strained and it was impossible for him to walk normally. We had to walk slowly and take break several times because of that. Then, I remembered I had METAX CREAM. I told dad that it would be easier for him to walk after I apply it to his strained leg. After that, we could proceed way more easily.

This product is not only convenient during sports, but also in everyday life. I think keeping it in your medicine box is a smart thing to do.

Review by Mizuguchi

Kokando Beauty Act BB+

I am introducing the Kokando Beauty Act BB+. The BB in Beauty Act BB+ is formulated with vitamin B2B6, and is effective for troubled skin, acne, and ulcers.

Why am I introducing this? Because among all the vitamin supplements this has the best cost performance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In fact, the Beauty Act BB+ has exact same ingredient composition as the famous BB Chocola.

I’m not exaggerating when I say it’s quite rare for me to not have ulcers. I even had one that lasted for a year. I take more vitamins than other people, thus cost-performance is very important for me. The first time I bought Beauty Act BB+ was last year, but I’ve been drinking Beauty Act BB+ every day since then. Not only does it eases my ulcers, it also works for days when I have troubled skin. This is perfect for the moment when I was thinking of trying something new for my beauty routine.

I recommend the Kokando Beauty Act BB++ to anyone who wants to intake vitamin B on a daily basis like me. Till next time ^^

Review by Fujikawa

CURE Natural Aqua Gel

I was quite excited learning about this item when my sister recommended this to me. It was time to up my game in skincare, and I have to say I am very happy to use CURE's Natural Aqua Gel.

How you'd use this is pump some onto your palm and apply over the face. After the gel settles in a few seconds, RUB TO EXFOLIATE. You can get clearer skin, and your skincare products are going to work better! The best thing about this actually feeling that you are removing the dirt and skin from your face. That sense of immediate result gives me a lot of confidence over the Natural Aqua Gel.

If you haven't tried it out, or wondering why your skin isn't getting brighter, this is a must to look out for!

Review by Roger

Nivea Premium Body Milk

This time I am recommending a Nivea milky lotion that can only be found in Japan currently. Among the Nivea products, this is not only particularly effective, and it is not at all expensive.

This is a highly moisturising lotion meant for dry skin, allowing the skin to absorb quickly without being sticky. It has a slight scent of rose. The skin gets dry easily, being under the office air-conditioner for the whole day. I could just apply this whenever I want or just for fun, and applying too much could get some onto the keyboard or the mouse, but they never feel sticky. I also apply this before sleep so that my skin would feel smooth without any dryness the next day.

My mother’s skin is also very dry due to illness, and I let her try it. She’s been praising this product, and I’ve been getting for her ever since.

Review by Ho
KOBAYASHI Netsusama Cooling Gel Sheets For Kids Blue 16 Sheets

KOBAYASHI Netsusama Cooling Gel Sheets For Kids Blue 16 Sheets

When you are raising children and they suddenly come down with a fever, we often go into a panic, don’t we? Especially when these fevers usually occur at night.

In such time, these Netsusama sheets become useful. In fact! It’s not my child who loves it, but my husband who does. When he has a fever, he will often use it. It’s comfortable to use it on the forehead, and really helps when you are finding it difficult to fall asleep. I’m thankful to have this.

Furthermore, they are not only for fever, as the Netsusama sheets can also be used during hot summer days… pasting one of these on the forehead or the neck will help you forget the heat.

My daughter has delicate skin, but she has no problems using the Netsusama sheets. The sheets play the biggest role during her exam periods. Using the Netsusama sheet when she felt like sleeping helped to expel the drowsiness. My daughter pasted them again and again to help her during studies.

It’s good to use while driving too, and great for safety when you use it against drowsiness.

Review by Chun
ITOEN Oi Ocha Green Tea Powder Macha Blend 80g

ITOEN Green Tea Powder Macha Blend 100 servings

Since the powder of the products dissolves immediately in water or hot water, it’s easy to prepare a cool tea without hot water to enjoy on a hot day. Furthermore, because it’s just powder, there is no need to wash any teapots or clear away any tea leaves. It makes it easy to enjoy the tea as though it came straight from a teapot.

In addition, it has additional health benefits of matcha, mainly:
・catechin present helps stabilises the absorption of fat
・decreases amount of bad cholesterol
・prevents cancer, gum cavities etc
… and many more!

Each delicious cup of health boosting tea only costs S¢20 too!

Review by Omori
Sunstar GUM Toothpaste 120g

Sunstar GUM Toothpaste 120g

This is a toothpaste that I like a lot. It’s actually strong enough to prevent periodontal disease. I recommend this toothpaste to people who worry about swollen gums, sensitive teeth due to receding gums, bad breath, and food getting stuck in their teeth. I hope that this product review relieves some of your stress.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have had very few cavities in my life, which is why I was never really interested in toothpastes that prevent cavities. Even though I had few cavities, my gums were getting weaker, and I was at risk of developing periodontal disease. Since ordinary toothpaste can do little to save you from periodontal disease, I got a little worried. That’s when I found this toothpaste and the way to good gum health.

Ever since I started using this toothpaste, the sticky feeling inside my mouth dissipated. The bleeding from my gums that would occur also stopped. In fact, the color of my gums returned to their healthy pink color, which was another huge relief. For people who want quick results, I recommend to them the mouthwash. After using the GUM® toothpaste, the mouthwash rinses the inside of your mouth.

As of now, any chance that I’ll develop periodontal disease has diminished. I’m really grateful to GUM® for this. I want everyone else not just to take care in preventing cavities but to care for your gums, too.

Review by Mizuguchi

SAKURA Multi-Function Ball Point Pen

This is awesome.
I am a desk worker, maybe as you know :)
In order to remember my idea, I write memo on my notebook more than PC’s memo.

I usually like to use multi function pens, and have been buying them for 4~6years.I don’t remember how many multi function pens did I use, but I’m sure that this pen is one of the most wonderful stationary in Japan.

Especially, my favorite points is 3 aspects.
First. Color variation. Other basic multi pen has only Black and Red, sometimes Blue.But this pen has Black, Red, Blue, Green, and Mechanical pencil!
Second. Fine point. In Japan, popular ballpoint pens are designed with 0.5 point, but this pen is 0.4 point.Although I was a little worried about easiness to write,the pen-tip is firmly fixed to write anywhere smoothly.
Third. Stylish design. Shaped octagon, matte black,and sophisticated design. No matter how convenient it is,I won’t buy it only for its convenience.The reason I bought this pen is finally its appearance.

If you are looking for pen (not an apple pen, pineapple pen neither), let’s try it!

Review by Minamitani

Kobayashi Seiyaku “Sumigaki”

Charcoal tooth paste. Yes, its paste is black color.
Strange, but I can’t ignore. It is obviously doughtful. But it makes my heart beat... but..

4 weeks passed since I had been curious about this tooth paste.
Finally I bought. I used it. I was surprised that it is black paste but somehow refreshing.
According to official website, it has capavility of prevention bad breath, I think and feel so too.

If you would like to use some strange items, I recommend you use it for beginning.
Don’t think, use it now!

Review by Minamitani

Ai to Shikon

Ever since we’re infants, the blood circulation around our eyes is poor, which makes dark circles appear underneath the eyes. As we get older, our quality of sleep decreases – or we get no sleep by pulling all-nighters – so those dark circles deepen further.

Recently, my mother, who’s always worrying about the dulling skin under her eyes, heard about a product worth trying from her friend. She said that that product is the Ai to Shikon Eye Fine Line Care Mask, a very famous product in Japan because of the results that it delivers. She told me, “Please buy it for me before you come home to Taiwan! You should use it too! It’s great at getting rid of the bags under your eyes.”

When I decided to give it a try, the first thing that I noticed was the pleasant purple-colored gel. I spread the gel around the underside of my eyes, and after 15-20 minutes, it dried into a mask-like film. As soon as I peeled it off, I could feel that my undereyes were puffed up and invigorated. After a week of using it, my undereye circles were mostly gone.

This gel mask includes indigo and lavender extracts, which are great for lifting sagging, wrinkling, and darkening skin. I recommend this for combating the natural aging process or the consequences of sleep deprivation.

There’s also a Neck Fine Line Care Mask from the same brand series.

Review by Ho

Kyusoku JIkan (Breaktime)

In the past, whenever I would talk about my trips to Japan, I would often hear the word “Kyusoku Jikan.” It has a definite effect, but since I thought it was an exaggeration, I haven’t used it at all since coming to Japan.

This time, just in case, I brought it along with me because I was traveling with both of my parents.

After a long day of walking for hours and hours, we got back to the hotel. I couldn’t even lift my finger. Not even a massage could alleviate that exhaustion. However, since I thought of all the sightseeing that we wanted to do the next day and the day after, it was time for a break – time to try “Kyusoku Jikan.”

The pink-colored sheet was bigger than I thought and didn’t smell of a formula. It was refreshing and pleasant. You stick it on your feet at night before you go to sleep, and the next morning when you wake up, your feet feel much lighter.

Now, there’s also a version of the Kyusoku Jikan sheets focusing on stimulating the soles.

Review by Ho

KAO Megurism Eye Mask Relaxing

This product is very well-known even outside of Japan. You may have seen reviews for this item on other websites. And so it’s easy to see why this eye mask is my staff pick. 

People of today’s society are constantly looking at computers and smartphones and wearing out their eyes. This brings me to ask: are you taking care of your eyes? 

Kao’s MegRhythm relaxes and soothes your eyes with the power of warm vapor and a pleasant aroma. I’ve tried it; as soon as I laid the mask over my eyes, I felt the warm sensation. It was so satisfying. In fact, it didn’t only warm up and release the strain on the ocular muscles around my eyes, but I could feel it effectively warming my eyeballs. While this mask undoubtedly has great physical benefits, the added fragrance relaxed me psychologically like a nice massage for my nose and – actually – my whole body. When I took off the mask, I felt refreshed and like the blood was flowing smoothly around my eyes again. The different scents that you can choose from are yuzu, lavender, chamomile, rose, and fragrance-free for a wide range of preferences.

- It gets hot as soon as you open the package.
- You can wear it like glasses thanks to the strap that wraps behind the ears.
- It’s always sanitary since it’s a one-time-use mask.
- It covers the entire eye, so it’s highly-effective in releasing eye tension over a wide area.
- The fragrance is also relaxing.
- The effect lasts for 10 minutes.

- You can’t do anything else while wearing the mask.
- You can’t use a mask more than once to be economic.

My recommendation is that you give the MegRhythm a try. You will definitely feel the positive effects, and your eyes will thank you. After just one use, you’ll feel like you can’t live without it. Go ahead and give it a whirl!

Review by Mizuguchi

Graphico Eye Relief Mask

Since this product was just released in Japan in October 2016, you probably haven’t heard of it – yet. This is an eye mask much like the aforementioned raved MegRhythm. The distinguishing feature of the Eye Relief Mask, however, is the eye cut-outs. Thanks to the holes being cut for the eyes, you can wear this mask like eye frames and continue being productive. Whatever you choose to do – whether it’s cooking, doing your nails, or using your smartphone – you can do it while relieving the tension around your eyes.

When I tried using this for myself, the orbital area around my eyes were warmed through, which felt really soothing. I happened to put on the mask while I was reading, which made it so easy to use. That’s why I recommend this mask. However, what this mask lacks is the ability to warm the entire eyeball, giving it one less spot to alleviate. I have to admit that I wanted that extra warmth over my eyes, too. This mask is great for people who are too busy to mentally relax and have things that need to be done but who need allay the tension around their eyes.

- It gets hot as soon as you open the package.
- There are holes cut for the eyes, so you can continue doing an activity.
- You can wear it like glasses thanks to the strap that wraps behind the ears.
- It’s always sanitary since it’s a one-time-use mask.
- The effect lasts for 20 minutes.

- The holes don’t make it possible to feel the warmth over the eyeballs.
- You can’t use a mask more than once to be economic.
- There are no fragrance choices.

In conclusion, I strongly recommend this mask for the people who need to constantly be doing something but still want their eyes to look refreshed and relieved. You can even try out both the Graphico Eye Relief Mask and MegRhythm by Kao to compare them for yourself! Go for it!

Review by Mizuguchi

Chocora BB Plus

I often get mouth ulcers or pimples when I’m sleep-deprived. In times like those, what I rely on is this: Chocola BB Plus! When I take BB Plus tablets, the ulcers and pimples go away with three days. When I don’t take BB Plus tablets, getting rid of them takes as long as 1-2 weeks.

After a close friend recommended these tablets to me, I started taking them to heal blemishes on my skin from the inside rather than directly applying a messy topical cream that you find at the drugstore which can rub off. I was so happy with how quickly those unsightly marks disappeared, so now I’m recommending them to all of you!

When your skin acts up and looks embarrassing thanks to lack of sleep, stress, or other factors, take these tablets before you can’t stand to see those blemishes for one more day!

Review by Omori


As winter approaches along with dry, cracked skin, you’re going to need a skin cream. This is the one that I recommend!

To the people who think, “I know I should moisturize my skin, but which product is the best one for the job?” or “Using a bunch of creams and lotions is just a hassle.” – you’ll see a result the instant you spread this onto your skin. From what I’ve heard, Nivea Cream contains the same ingredients as premium beauty creams, and now I believe it.

The big positive of this cream is how easily it blends into my skin. It blends in so well that when I wash my hands, they don’t feel slippery as if the cream is only sitting on my skin.

And…! It’s so creamy that it looks delicious enough to eat! But I better not.

Review by Omori

MediQttO sleeping stocking

Although there maybe some people who is using this product, I want to recommend this item after use it myself.

Who can use this item:
People who likes to working out but, feeling bothersome about stretching.
Workers who stand or sit down all day.
People whos legs swollen up and so seems like fat.

BecauseI’m working work at my company sitting down all day, I feel my legs swollen up. And I use this item praying to lose weigh at my legs ^^. When I woke up in the morning, I can feel the weigh of my legs are very light and looks slender surprisingly enough ! It is important to believe this item ! You may think that it would be uncomfortable when you wear this stocking in summer or in hot weather, I like basic type cause I turn on the air-conditioner all night whle I’m sleeping. And when I take an airplane or trip, it is essential item !

Review by Fujikawa

Calbee Fruit Granola

This is cereal that is suitable for refreshment or meal and can make harmony with the other foods. It is consists of brown rice, oat barley, mixed dry fruites.

Because I don’t like the sweet taste, I hardly have ate the cereal. But this is not that sweety ,nutty taste, and crunchy so I like it. At the first time, I began to have it to lose my weigh but I used have the one whole pack of it:p:p:p:p:p:p:p:p

I recommend to have it by itself or put the cereal on the top of the yogurt since I like the nutty taste. You can have it with milk or mix with cookie paste and grill it who likes to home-made baking of course^^

Review by Fujikawa

Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence

It'll be no surprise if you have seen this item recommended all over the internet. Biore has really outdone themselves by creating the Aqua Rich watery essence. Not only is it strong in UV protection (SPF50+, PA++++) , it is one of the easiest sunscreen I have ever applied. The water gel-like texture doesn't leave a cast, and is very easily absorbed by the skin. There is a slight smell of sunscreen that is hardly troubling.

This is one of the best priced sunscreen for cost-performance. Note that this sunscreen contains alcohol. Which means if it may not agree with sensitive skin, and there is a refreshing sensation when applied.

Review by Roger

DHC Men All in One Moisture Gel

I am skeptic of all-in-one's or multi-purpose products, but I can say this moisture gel delivers. The serum can be used for six different purposes, including aftershave, face lotion, and serum. I use as body cream and moisturiser.

I had a very positive experience with this. My skin was drying out quickly in the summer, and my skin transitioned from oily, to combination. Improvements were seen aftter the first day, and my skin reverted back to normal on the second. If you need a moisturiser as a quick filler, I'd recommend this.

The texture is even more watery (as compared to the Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence), and is transparent. It spreads very easily across the skin, so a small amount is enough. This means that the bottle can last quite long. One thing however, it takes time for the skin to absorb the lotion, so note before applying anything else.

Review by Roger